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    Shop online conveniently by simply visiting your favorite international sites that accept American Express

  • personalized US Address

    Get a personalized U.S. address, so you can have your purchases delivered right to your doorstep.

  • secure shopping

    Enjoy a worry-free payment system with a safe and secure code feature.

  • secure shopping

    Buy digital media and apps from popular online stores such as iTunes and Google Play.

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Already have an account? Start shopping online with your GCash American Express Virtual Pay now! It’s that easy.

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How to Buy Using GCash American Express Virtual Pay

  • Step 1

    Shop from your favorite online site. Check out our recommended list.

  • Step 2

    Make sure your GCash wallet has enough funds to pay for your online purchase. Here's how you can fund your GCash wallet.

  • Step 3

    When you check out, choose American Express as your mode of payment.

Note: To request for your account details and security code, dial *143# > GCASH > GCash American Express Virtual Pay. You may also make this request via the GCash Mobile App.

With your GCash American Express Virtual Pay, start shopping online in any of these sites:

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the recommended online merchants.

How to ship U.S. purchases to the Philippines:

  • 1

    Wait for My Shopping Box's email confirming the delivery of your item to your personalized U.S. shipping address.

  • 2

    Visit the link in your email to view total shipping charges. You may choose to have your package shipped via air or sea freight. Find out more about shipping rates.

  • 3

    Click "Authorize Shipment."

  • 4

    Enter your local shipping address.

  • 5

    Choose American Express as your mode of payment and key in your Virtual Pay card details.

Buy Apps and Media

Download the coolest apps and media straight from U.S. app stores. Charge your purchases to your Globe bill!

How to buy apps and media:

  • 1

    Open the app store and log in to your account.

  • 2

    Edit your payment information.

  • 3

    Choose American Express as your mode of payment.

  • 4

    Retrieve your card details and security code by dialing *143# or via the GCash Mobile App.
    Note: Select “United States” as your country of origin if you wish to download exclusive U.S. content.

  • 5

    Start purchasing apps and media!

Enjoy all these and more. Apply now!

  • Convenient cash-in to your GCash wallet
  • Waived My Shopping Box $25 annual fee
  • Low shipping charges from the U.S. to the Philippines
  • Safe online transactions using a security code feature

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American Express is a trademark of American Express. The Virtual Pay is issued by G-Xchange, Inc. pursuant to a licence from American Express.